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Percuro - Dec 09 2020

Black soldier flies
the new superstars in sustainability

She’s not your common housefly. She’s clean, high in protein and here to save the planet! Meet the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens). Whilst not looking that special, these flies are making major waves in providing environmentally friendly and ethical protein for humans and animals alike!

Here are some facts that will blow you away:
• They are super tasty!
Lots of people around the world are already eating their larvae, they are known to be an extremely delicious treat.
• They are packed full of nutrients
The larvae are rich in protein, and calcium, whilst also providing some essential fatty acids. They are rich in the right amino acids too, but especially Lysine, which plays a big role in supporting your pet’s immune system. Lysine can also support the treatment of the herpes virus in cats. Just to throw in another sneaky fact.
• These flies are really clean…
They are not a pest like its other namesake. The BSF, as we call them, actually break down bacteria in their food, and don’t produce any, making them an ultra-clean source of protein. For this, and many other reasons, they are already used in fish farming, which is destined for our own consumption.
• Their farming is seen as ethical
They thrive in small, dark places and want to keep close together. So, farming them creates a space they basically would prefer to be in.
• It takes 3kg of food to create a kilo of BSF protein, as opposed to 10kg of feed to produce the same of animal meat 
Enough said.
• One ton of BSF larvae can be raised in a space the size of a smart car
Lots more space for nature.

So, they are already a delicious snack for millions of people. They produce lots of healthy proteins and nutrients. Their farming creates zero waste, zero human rights issues and zero deforestation. They are indeed superstars.

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